Structural Editing

The first step in my editing process involves looking closely at the structure and organization of your material. If a reorganization of your content is recommended, I can suggest changes or draft revisions for you to approve, depending on your preference. However we decide to work together, you retain final say over all editorial suggestions.

Stylistic Editing

The line-by-line edit that comes next in my process helps clarify meaning, eliminate jargon and smooth out any linguistic bumps. Stylistic editing ensures that your tone is appropriate for your audience, and that what you say is what you mean.

Copy Editing

This is the technical editing level. It involves checking the mechanics of style to achieve consistency in grammar and spelling, in the use of numbers, punctuation and capitalization, and in the formatting of tables and diagrams.


When more than an edit is needed, I can create a whole new manuscript or help you fix parts of a broken manuscript based on your original content and research. I can (and often do) provide additional material or suggest wording for minor revisions.

Manuscript Evaluation

Poorly written manuscripts are quickly rejected by publishers, literary agents and readers. Make sure your work stands out by identifying your manuscript's strengths, and strengthening any weaknesses. When you submit a manuscript to me for evaluation, I will send you a brief written report outlining recommendations and suggestions for improvement along with a few sample pages of edited text.